Festive Apple & Nut Butter Slices

Well it’s Black Friday today and the holiday season is now fully in swing! Now to keep you fueled up for all that shopping, running around and hustle and bustle I wanted to create a festive but healthy snack! Inspired by nuts.com and their healthy snack ideas, I created my own healthy holiday snack – Festive Apple & … Continue reading

Baked Pumpkin Donuts

I just couldn’t resist trying homemade donuts with donut pans now readily available for making baked donuts (too much fun!). You can find donut pans almost everywhere now. I got my Nordic Ware donut pan at Target for $15. This recipe is simply for 6 donuts (1 pan), but you can double and triple as … Continue reading

My Favourite Pumpkin Recipes

I really can’t get enough of pumpkin, especially in baked goods, and I will still be baking up these goodies through November. I have made a some delicious pumpkin recipes over the past 2 years, so I wanted to share my favourites once again because they are fantastic recipes! What is your favourite pumpkin recipe? … Continue reading