Thanksgiving Leftover Wraps

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend and isn’t quite sick of turkey yet! I love my traditional Thanksgiving dinners but after one day of leftovers I am ready for something lighter and easy to pack for lunch. This delicious wrap lightens things up with a whole wheat wrap and a bed of shredded … Continue reading

Salami & Rye Panini

Well how is everyone doing this back-to-school week? I am especially talking to all you mom’s everywhere! I know I am feeling some relief in being back to the regular routine. I can tell you that after a fun-filled summer with my darling daughters, I have been enjoying the past two days at home alone … Continue reading

Fast, Fun Pita Pocket Wraps

It’s a #FoodFriday and today’s recipe is a great on-the-go meal. Trying to squeeze in a healthy meal between school, sports, and activities? Forget drive-through and takeout: Fill these delicious, portable, make-ahead pitas with meat, veggies and flavours of your choosing, ready to grab as you head out the door Head on over to … Continue reading

Flatbread Breakfast Panini

My family really liked the Tim Horton’s Breakfast Panini when we tried them, so I decided to make my own healthy homemade version – sorry Timmy’s but I have you beat! It is now a family favourite and the kids are asking for it all the time. We even had a breakfast for dinner night … Continue reading