Barbie Birthday Cake

It was a very Barbie Birthday party this past weekend to celebrate my daughter’s 5th Birthday, and I couldn’t resist re-posting the cake recipe I use because it is just SO good and always gives me great results. This may be a yearly tradition with a new theme every year! So, once again I went to … Continue reading

Grandma’s Apple Cake

This is another delicious recipe from my Grandma, one that I grew up on in addition to her amazing plum cake. It is a take on Jewish apple cake, from an old cookbook she has with her notes written beside the recipe. With apple season upon us, this is a perfect fall recipe. Also, If … Continue reading

Lemon Loaf

A perfect light and lemony lemon loaf recipe! I had pinned this recipe off Pinterest and finally got a chance to make it. It was tagged as a Starbucks Lemon Loaf copycat recipe. Now, I have never actually had lemon loaf at Starbucks, but when looking at the ingredients I thought I would give it … Continue reading

Blueberry Buttermilk Coffee Cake Muffins

This is one of my favourite muffin recipes that I adapted from an Everyday Food recipe. I love the lightness of these coffee cake style muffins, with their delicious crunchy crumble on top. They are a family favourite of ours and absolutely the perfect accompaniment to a big cup of coffee. Ingredients: For the crumble … Continue reading

Angel Food Pineapple-Orange Cake

I was intrigued by the recipes online for angel food cake mix, combined with a can of pineapple so I thought why not give it a try for a nice light dessert at our family dinner last night. The results were great, it is a nice light fruity cake. This would make a nice light … Continue reading