7 Minute BBQ Salmon

4 ingredients and 7 minutes is all you need for this easy and delicious salmon recipe. Simple and quick to prepare, and very tasty thanks to a saucy barbecue crust. My family loved this dish! I served the salmon alongside some freshly cooked green beans and a few of our favourite side salads for an easy (and healthy) meal. Ingredients: 4 skinless … Continue reading

Breezy Springtime Salmon Packets

I am ready to jump into spring and this is an easy and delicious French-inspired fish dish for Easter weekend or any day of the week. I like to prepare my salmon simply with salt, pepper, lemon and butter but feel free to add a pinch of your favourite spice (maybe some dill or red … Continue reading

Orange Maple Tamari Salmon

Looking for another great (and fast!) salmon recipe to add to your repertoire? Here is a delicious, easy and flavourful recipe to try using freshly squeezed orange juice, maple syrup and tamari (an alternative to soy sauce). This recipe was inspired by the hoisin-honey-lime salmon recipe I posted last year, but I wanted to try … Continue reading

Hoisin-Honey and Lime Salmon

This salmon dish posted here on marthastewart.com is excellent, one of the best salmon recipes I have made. My kids LOVED it too – my 6 year old especially who devoured the salmon and declared it the best dinner ever and wanted some of mine. The sweet and sticky hoisin-honey glaze is delicious! You begin by … Continue reading

Grilled Salmon Kabobs

I am always looking for new ways to incorporate fish into dinner (I like to do fish on Fridays), and this is a delicious and fun way to enjoy salmon and veggies in the summer. My husband and I enjoyed our kabobs with a quinoa salad for a nice, light and healthy dinner. This recipe … Continue reading