Go green in 2016!

The Green Smoothie is now a regular part of my nutrition routine, and even has become a favourite of my girls. Check out those awesome green smoothie moustaches! Our #1 favourite is the Green Smoothie with Banana, Mango, Strawberry and Coconut Milk, and sometimes I also add a dollop of yogurt to make it creamier. It’s … Continue reading

Nordica Power Smoothie

This delicious and nutritious protein packed smoothie is creamy and filling thanks to the addition of Nordica Cottage Cheese! I had never tried cottage cheese added to my smoothies but I was amazed at the results and the wonderful creaminess and silkiness it added to my daily smoothie. Even better is that Nordica offers a Lactose … Continue reading

Kara’s Favourite Green Smoothie’s

I have been making myself green smoothie’s for over a year now, and honestly, it has really changed my health in many positive ways. It has definitely helped my gut health, I feel more balanced, and healthy digestively. It also has helped with my immunity. I boost all of my smoothie’s with 1 tsp of … Continue reading