7 Minute BBQ Salmon

4 ingredients and 7 minutes is all you need for this easy and delicious salmon recipe. Simple and quick to prepare, and very tasty thanks to a saucy barbecue crust. My family loved this dish! I served the salmon alongside some freshly cooked green beans and a few of our favourite side salads for an easy (and healthy) meal. Ingredients: 4 skinless … Continue reading

Breezy Springtime Salmon Packets

I am ready to jump into spring and this is an easy and delicious French-inspired fish dish for Easter weekend or any day of the week. I like to prepare my salmon simply with salt, pepper, lemon and butter but feel free to add a pinch of your favourite spice (maybe some dill or red … Continue reading

Lemon Garlic Baked Basa Fish

Lemon Garlic Baked Basa Fish is my blog’s most searched and viewed recipe and is an absolutely lovely fish dish to try. In our house I try and make fish on Friday’s (“Fishy Friday’s” as I tell my kids), and this is a new type of fish and recipe that I tried that definitely now … Continue reading

Tilapia Fish Cakes

This is one of my very favourite Everyday Food recipes. The recipe was originally published in 2006 and I have been making the fish cakes ever since. They are delicious and something we really look forward to. They are a bit of work, but if you take the time you can prepare a whole bunch … Continue reading