Cookbook Read-A-Thon!


Hi everyone! Wow, I realize I have not posted in far too long so wanted to give you a quick update. Have been preoccupied with some re-decorating, some work, and getting some inspiration for new recipes for Spring (cause the truth is I hate winter, and once Valentine’s Day passes I am done and ready for some fun!). 

I have been making some old favourites lately, and testing some new recipes so there is great new content coming!

In the meantime I have been taking lots of cookbooks out of the library to enjoy and get inspired. There are great books they are definitely worth a read so here is what I have been reading latey, and if you are a cookbook lover, I highly recommend you grab a copy and enjoy  . . .

Flour, Too (Joanne Chang) – After visiting Flour Bakery on my trip to Boston last summer, I had to check out Joanne’s books asap! It’s a great book with more than just “baking recipes” (soups, sandwiches, etc). She has also authored the Flour cookbook (yet to get in my hands but will be on my bday list as I can’t get it from the library!) and Baking with less Sugar which I also have out from the library.

Seven Spoons (Tara O’Brady) – a wonderful cookbook by a local Ontario blogger. Be sure to check out her site at:

Toronto Cooks (Amy Rosen) – A fun read, with 100 recipes from Toronto’s great restaurants.

Made in Quebec (Julian Armstrong) – A lovely modern book about the cuisine of Quebec. Beautiful photos and authentic recipes.

Dirty Apron Cookbook (David Robertson) – Great book from the Vancouver’s Dirty Apron Cooking School.

My Paris Kitchen (David Lebovitz)LOVED this cookbook, actually will probably buy myself a copy. I also read Davide Lebovitz’s The Sweet Life in Paris which is a great read. David also has a great site:

Ready for Dessert (David Lebovitz) – Classic dessert recipes from an expert!

Jewish Soul Food (Janna Gur) – A really great book that taught me about cooking some of the foods of my heritage.

3 Times a Day (Marilou & Alexandre Champagne) – This one gets another “LOVE” – great Canadian author, and tagged so many recipes that I am just going to buy this one. Absolutely lovely. Check out their website as well:

The Homemade Kitchen (Alana Chernila) – Another blogger turned author with a great cookbook. Check out her site at:

I have also been catching up on Jamie Oliver’s books that I don’t have (love Jamie . . . his website, Facebook & Instagram pages and You Tube “food tube” Channel are great resources!):

Save with Jamie – Tagged a few recipes in this one, was good to just get it from library vs buy the book.

Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals – Another great book to borrow from the library vs buy – tagged a dozen yummy recipes in this one.

Jamie’s Comfort Food Not one of my faves, gets a “borrow” vs “buy” from me  . . . but I still love Jamie : )

I am always borrowing cookbooks from the library (have another 4 to read . . . Huckleberry (Santa Monica Bakery – looks amazing), Jamie Oliver’s Everyday Superfood (still to read) and Gjelina (LA Restaurant) – looks interesting! There is so much great information and inspiration out there from great home cooks, professional chefs/restaurants and bloggers. I also like looking at cuisine that I may not have tried before, and seeing how you can cook with more exotic ingredients. Also I really love “testing” out the book first before I want to commit to buying, especially if it is from an author i don’t know . . . also I have an excessive amount of cookbooks already so I really need to become a bit more selective!

Do you have any favourite cookbooks? If so leave me a comment. Also if you need any recommendations let me know!

Happy reading & cooking and back soon with more great recipes posts!




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