#OneTinyTaste – How Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese will surprise you!


How would you feel if you could discover cottage cheese in a whole new way? Some of us are cottage cheese lovers, others don’t like its lumpy texture. What if I could trick your friends into thinking cottage cheese was yogurt? Well that is exactly what I did to a group of my friends, and trust me they were surprised!


I invited some of my friends over for a little taste test to try a new product I guaranteed they would like. They were definitely a little curious. I disguised the three creamy and delicious Nordica Smooth flavours – Vanilla BeanLemon, Salted Caramel (but citron and caramel salé sound so chic yes?) .


I set them up to taste test each sample having to identify what the flavour was they were trying, and then guessing what the product was. They all thought it was “greek style yogurt”, so when I then told them it was actually cottage cheese they were shocked. They had no idea cottage cheese could be so creamy and smooth like yogurt. Here is their awesome #OneTinyTaste Reaction!

So even better is that I sent home each of my friends with samples to try, and then they blind taste tested their families. They let me know (and shared some photos) of the kids trying it and liking it and then being stunned to learn it was cottage cheese – something they were sure they didn’t like. However, Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese has all the benefits of regular cottage cheese (low fat and a good source of protein), without the lumpy texture that turns some people off (and especially kids!). Nordica Smooth comes in 100g cup servings (pictured below), that is packed with 10g of protein and contains only 110 calories. They are great to add to school and work lunches, or grab as a healthy snack on the go. Also, I think they make an amazing dessert – for me they satisfy those cheesecake cravings I get.


So are you ready to try the #OneTinyTaste challenge? You really must pick some up and try it – it’s delicious! All it takes is one tiny taste!

Note that Gay Lea’s Nordica Smooth is only available in Ontario currently at most major grocery stores (except No Frills and Walmart). Be sure to check out the Gay Lea website to learn more about Nordica Smooth and discover their other great products and recipes that they have posted on their site.

“Disclosure: I am part of the Gay Lea Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese Campaign and receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opions on this blog are my own”


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