My Dream Dinner Destination

Photo credit: Jennifer Koptie
Have you ever day dreamed about going out for dinner in a beautiful foreign city? Where would you go? What would you eat? Do you have a “Dream Dinner Destination”? Or a few perhaps? Can you visualize an ideal night out in a foreign city and how you could connect with a new culture using language and food? I know I can – and there are a few Dream Dinner Destinations on my list!
One of my goals and New Year’s resolutions is to travel with my family as much as possible and experience new cities close to home or abroad. This past year my family travelled to Quebec City and enjoyed a wonderful vacation filled with French Canadian history, culture, food and language that gave us an amazing connection with this beautiful city. I would love to replicate this experience at many more destinations including my Dream Dinner Destination of . . . Greece.
Now this was a close race between Italy and Greece, but Greece would truly be my dream. There is something about imagining sitting on a patio overlooking the Mediterranean Sea indulging in beautiful Greek food. I have acquaintances that have traveled to Greece and that has just fueled my desire to add this picturesque destination to my bucket list. I love Greek food and have a local family restaurant in town that I love to go to. It would be a dream come true however to travel to the country and fully experience the culture, history and authentic Greek food!
One challenge when traveling to a destination where there may be language barriers is how to translate information if it is not in English. We found that when we traveled to Quebec, that while we were somewhat comfortable with French we still needed some assistance. Most of the time we turned to our smart phones for translation, or used translation software within the browser to assist with websites. Like many travelers we rely greatly on our smart phones and tablets for research and support when traveling – restaurant websites and reviews, tourist attraction websites, etc. While we may definitely also ask for help or advice from locals, the reality is we would access our technology first. Having translation software could assist and support any foreign sites that either are not translated or are poorly translated. This would greatly assist international travelers.
Do you have a Dream Dinner Destination? Add your comment and share where your ideal night out in a foreign city would be! It’s fun to think about the places you would like to travel and experience especially with a New Year right around the corner!

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  1. JillO says:

    Hmmm… My dream destination is France. Chocolate, champagne and frites!

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