Shamrock Krispies


St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, so how about a really easy and yummy treat – adorable Shamrock Krispies. I picked up a 3″ Wilton Shamrock cookie cutter at Michael’s for $1.69 so I can experiment with all sorts of St. Patty’s day creations! These turned out so good!

Note: a full recipe below should yield 16-20 shamrocks (depending on size of your cookie cutter). Half the recipe if desired.


  • 1/4 cup of unsalted butter (or margarine)
  • 5 cups of mini marshmallows
  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 6 cups of Rice Krispies Cereal
  • Green gel food colouring (I used Wilton Leaf Green)


  1. Over medium-low heat melt butter and marshmallows in a non-stick pan until smooth (I like to use my wok as it has high sides)
  2. Once melted, turn off heat and add vanilla and a small dollop of food colouring and mix until fully incorporated and your desired shade of green.
  3. Mix in Rice Krispies until incorporated well.
  4. Instead of placing into a baking dish, spread krispies out onto a large piece of parchment or wax paper making a large rectangle of even thickness (1/2″-1″). Using a metal frosting spatula works really well.
  5. Let harden slightly, and then using your cookie cutter, cut out as many shamrocks as you can.
  6. Note that if you don’t want to make shamrocks, just spread krispies into a 9 x 13 pan and cut into squares for an easy green treat. You can always embellish with a little melted white chocolate and shamrock sprinkles.

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