Zucchini Noodles


Ok, I have a really fun post for a meatless Monday! I have a new toy, and it’s pretty fun – a spiral vegetable peeler. It is really easy to use (and I can attest to easy to clean), and my first adventure was zucchini noodles (inspired by Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain Blog post and video). They turned out really well, and using the peeler was just too much fun! Don’t get me wrong I still like good old fashioned pasta once in a while, but I am really enjoying exploring some new ways to incorporate more veggies into our diet.

The method is really straight forward – peel 3-4 large zucchini’s (I used 3 for a family of 2 adults and 2 children), then spiralize and place onto a large paper towel lined baking sheet. Bake at 200 for 30 minutes. Remove, squeeze and then prepare as desired in a stir fry, or in a pasta sauce, etc. They will only be partially cooked after baking for 30 minutes.


I decided to pair my noodles with some pasta sauce (used the most natural low-sodium jar I could find), and topped it with a homemade meatball (recipe courtesy of my Smitten Kitchen cookbook). I added my noodles to about 1/2 jar of sauce (use as little or as much as you want) and let it all heat together. I also sampled some noodles to make sure it was ready : )  This would be tasty as a bolognese sauce too, or you can go meatless and add some mushrooms. Have fun and discover your favourite way to serve veggie noodles! There are lots of great ideas out there.



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  1. Did they fill you up in the same way spaghetti would? I’ve always wanted to try this, great way to cut down on carbs!


    1. Kara Heald says:

      They did actually because I served them with meatballs so the protein was filling. It was fun to mix it up, I do still love some good old fashioned spaghetti too.


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