Extra Crunchy Broccoli Salad from Vanilla Sugar Blog


One of my favourite recipe/food blogs is Vanilla Sugar Blog by Dawn Finicane. She has fantastic recipes, and in addition to that she is based on Cape Cod, which is one of my favourite places on earth. So those two things combined makes her one of my faves hands down! I love her tasty recipes, creative ideas, and her Friday links which most weeks features beautiful photos of the Cape which make me want to jump in the car and go!

I had tagged her Extra Crunchy Broccoli Salad as a must-make summer salad, and boy was it incredible! If you want to wow your friends and family at your next bbq – make this! Do you love all sorts of flavours and bits and bites in a salad? Then this is for you!

Here is the link to her recipe, my notes are below.


Kara ‘s Notes:

  • One large bunch of broccoli yielded about 4 cups of florets (that was perfect for the salad)
  • I just used plain unsalted roasted cashews which I had leftover from making Fiona’s Yummy Granola, they worked fine vs honey roasted (which I am sure would be delish)
  • For the dressing, I read reviews that it yielded too much, so I halved it and that was more than enough. Double the salad ingredients and use the whole dressing recipe if you are serving a big crowd.
  • It was noted in reviews you can substitute plain greek yogurt for the mayo (I used light mayo)
  • Madras Curry Powder is Hot Curry Powder (I bought McCormick brand). I decided to buy some as I only had regular curry powder at home, but I am sure you could use regular curry powder instead, the Madras/Hot just has more heat. I also used a little less then indicated and added it in a bit at a time and then tasted the dressing so I wouldn’t blow anyone away if it was too spicy.
  • I only added a pinch of hot red pepper flakes because the kids were eating the salad. Spice as desired.
  • I did add bacon to the salad (2 cooked slices crumbled), but that is optional.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. I love this salad!
    Thank you for the love!


    1. Kara Heald says:

      Thanks Dawn! I am a huge fan of your blog : )


  2. have to share this on FB…it’s so sweet


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