Re-grown Green Onions


This isn’t a recipe today, but a really fun experiment. I came across a Pin on Pinterest saying you can re-grow your green onions once you have used them up and only have the stump remaining.  I thought why not give it a try since I tend to use green onions fairly often in my cooking. Success! The photo above is my bundle of green onions totally re-grown from only a stump cut just above the elastic band. I have actually cut and used stems as needed and it keeps growing back. My children have enjoyed watching it grow too – a fun science lesson for them. Just place the green onions in a glass and change the water every day or two. With it being winter and nice and cold they are keeping really well on the window sill. I will have to see how long they last, but even a few re-growths is great. I do tend to the stems – I have peeled off some “skin” layers when I have seen that they are no longer fresh, I think that has helped to keep it fresher longer. It is fun, give it a try!


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