Angel Food Cake

A light and sweet summer favourite that makes good use of leftover egg whites. In using 4 yolks for Kara’s Key Lime Pie, I save up my whites, and then have my 12 for angel food cake. I made my cake with 12 frozen egg whites that were defrosted and the cake came out great! From researching  online I found that you can freeze egg whites for up to one year. I freeze mine in plastic snack bags (2 per bag) and then pull them out when needed for recipes. You can also just buy a inexpensive dozen eggs and make it fresh (however then the dilemma of 12 unused yolks!).  If you have never made Angel Food Cake it is a fun and easy recipe.

The angel food cake recipe I use is from at it turns out lovely every time. A lovely summer dessert with some whipped cream and farm fresh berries.

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