Penne with vodka cream sauce

If you want an easy, romantic, delicious pasta recipe you have to try this one. It is so simple, but so scrumptious (the hubby loves it, and so do I!). It is a Rachael Ray recipe that I discovered long ago, made a few times, and then finally made again the other night. It is absolutely a “keeper” recipe! Make if for your sweetie tonight!


5 thoughts on “Penne with vodka cream sauce

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  2. I personally blog as well and I am crafting a little something related
    to this particular article, “Penne with vodka
    cream sauce | Kara’s Favourite Recipes”. Do you really care if Iutilize a lot of of your personal concepts? Thanks for the post -Ingrid


    • Hi Ingrid, this recipe is a Rachael Ray recipe that for which I recommend a link to hers. Feel free to credit her recipe. For any of my other posts please be in touch. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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