Red Velvet Cupcakes

This recipe for red velvet cupcakes has become one of my specialties. I use the Martha Stewart Cupcakes cookbook recipe which is also posted online on I however top the cupcakes with the Georgetown Cupcakes Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting recipe which is just perfect! I love to top my cupcakes with a large piped swirl and a sprinkling of sparkly sprinkles!

Now, in planning for my daughter’s 5th Birthday, I decided to forgo the cake and do cupcakes. Now I wanted it to be special and different, so after browsing some books I decided to create a giant “5” out of 14 cupcakes. I used a large piece of cardboard, covered it in aluminum foil and then used my handy dandy circle cutter (thank you again Martha) to cut out circles to better define the design.

I didn’t remember to snap a close-up of the cupcakes but I will be sure to add one to the post the next time I bake up a batch!


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  1. splashable says:

    Kara, I love your recipes! Everything looks so good


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