Melon and Prosciutto Salad

During the hot summer weather I love abandoning the stove, and having a delicious and refreshing salad for dinner, and this is one of my favourites that I have been making for years!  I really love the delicious combination of cantaloupe wrapped with prosciutto, so with that as my inspiration I decided to make it into a mouth-watering salad. I am really terrible at writing down a measured recipe for a salad because I do not measure all the ingredients (and you don’t need to!), just toss together the amounts of each ingredient that you feel like that day! This can be a small pre-dinner appetizer sized salad, or a full-plate dinner salad accompanied with a nice chunk of crusty bread like I made this week.

I begin by taking a big handful of spring mix and placing it in a medium size mixing bowl where I drizzle on some really good extra virgin olive oil (1-2 tsp . . . go easy you can always add more if needed), and one of my favourite secret weapons – balsamic glaze. I really like a product called “Blaze – the first balsamic glaze” which is imported from Italy ( I can find it at my local grocery store in the oil/vinegar section. They have a few different flavours but I stick with the original. So after the olive oil is in I squeeze on a drizzle of balsamic glaze along with a sprinkling of kosher salt and a few grinds of freshly ground black pepper. I then use a fork to lightly blend the dressing all over the greens, and then pour out onto a large plate.

Once the greens are arranged on the plate I toss in some cut-up cantaloupe chunks (1 large wedge of melon cut up into 1″ pieces), and then tear up 1-2 slices of prosciutto and drape over the greens and cantaloupe. For the finishing touch I do one last light decorative drizzle of balsamic glaze over the salad and then top with some fresh parmesan cheese curls.

The salad is lovely accompanied with fresh crusty bread from the bakery and a crisp white wine!


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  1. Marcus says:

    Yum. I’ll bring the white wine if you’re making…


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